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Organizer of the Jännerrallye®

The RCM has been founded in the year 2002. Since this year the association has grown and has now over 400 members. Beside of the 13 rally borough’s there are many important people which also joined the RCM. For example, Raimund Baumschlager, Franz Wittmann or Ernst Haneder.


In the year 2003 the rally gets the right to the name “Jännerrallye” from the Badener Rallye Klub to be a fixed-point in the rally calendar. The agreement with ACCR (Autoclub Ceske Rebupliky) that the Czech rally drivers can reach championship points (for the Czech championship) in Austria had been reached in August. This was a giant step to get more quality and quantity to this event.

The clubs are very concerned that the rally events can be positive changed. Many ideas from the IG-Rallye, OSK, and the RCM were brought in. We are absolutely proud that ideas from the RCM concerning to young rally drivers and safety, taken over by other rally events.


The management board of the RCM:

Honorary president: Gabriele Lackner-Strauss
Honorary president: Julius Stiglechner

Chairman: Ferdinand Staber

Deputy chairman: Walter Lumetzberger
Deputy chairman: Peter Schöller

Treasurer: Herbert Staber
Deputy treasure: Thomas Staber

Secretary: Eric Lebreton
Deputy secretary :Helmut Kocmann

Press officer: Reinhard Spitzer

Manager sport: Bernhard Jahn
Logistic: Johann Ahorner

Advisory board: Anton Scheuwimmer
Advisory board: Erich Punz
Advisory board: Herbert Haunschmied

Auditor: Gerhard Pirklbauer
Auditor: Johannes Hinterreither-Kern


How do i get member to the “Rallye Club Mühlviertel”?

Fill out the declaration of accession and send it to johann.pieringer(at)

If the Jännerrallye take place the membership fee (€ 20,--) will debut at 31st of October in the previous month.

If there is no Jännerrallye there will be no membership fee. The members get the rally journal for free by post in the middle of December.



Download declaration of accession